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Just enter your film via Film Freeway it only takes a few minutes.

We are excited to inform you that we have partnered up with Wave Films, a Singapore-based production company that is now opening a sales agency to represent promising films from filmmakers worldwide.

As part of our partnership, some winners/official selections of  feature films will be sent to Wave Films for consideration of representation.

As our past winners, we are also extending this opportunity to you if you do not have a sales agent yet.

Potential filmmakers will be contacted over the coming weeks and future feature filmmakers will have the opportunity to be recommended to Wave Films as a potential suitable candidate for distribution and sales agency representation. Please do not contact Wave Films direct as all feature films submitted to UK monthly film fest will be assessed beforehand.

Here are a few Q & A's

How does it help you?

If Wave Films exclusively represents your film, they will make sure your film is being put in front of distributors, TV channels, and streaming platforms worldwide. They have been in the industry for many years and have an extensive network across the globe. More people will see your film, and you will have the potential to make money with your film.

How does it work?

Once you agreed to submit your film to Wave Films for consideration, they will screen your film to make sure it fits into the categories and style they represent and sell. Once they decide to represent your film, they will send you a standardized agreement to sign. This process normally takes less than two weeks until you have your contract - should they decide to represent you.

How do you earn money?

The financial deal is straightforward. Wave Films believe that filmmakers should participate from the first dollar a film makes. Therefore, there are no upfront costs of any kind. You earn from the very first dollar of profit. In the beginning, the profits are split 50/50 until the capped marketing fee of 15,000 USD for feature films and 1,500 USD for short films is recouped. After that, they only take a 20% commission on any sale. 80% of the profit goes to you.

Why is there a marketing fee?

The marketing fee is used to pay, for example, for screenings at markets, ads, posters, and other printed marketing collateral for markets or other activities, booth expenses, and travel costs when attending markets. Outside of a market, the agent may incur materials costs, postage, and other miscellaneous expenses.

What if you already have some representation?

If you already have representation for all rights and the entire world, then you are already set! Congratulations. If you still have partial sales in either territories or media, you can let them know which territories or channels you already cover, and they can assist you with the rest. Wave Films is a boutique firm, and they can cater to your requirements.

Will I definitely get represented by them?

Unfortunately, they cannot guarantee representation for many different reasons as they need to make sure their catalog is interesting and of very high quality so that there is a higher chance of the films being sold.

How long would you need to be tied up to them?

You have to sign a 3-year contract with them that you can extend every three years. If you don't want to extend it, you can terminate it without giving them any reasons. Easy.

Who is Wave Films?

Wave Films was founded as a production company in Singapore in 2012. Since then, they have produced more than 300 hours of TV content and have been actively engaged in providing production services to producers coming to Singapore to shoot. They have been filming for clients all across the globe from Colombia via Spain to Japan. Their productions have won awards, and their TV programs have reached stellar ratings. In 2020, many distributors, TV channels, and streaming platforms reached out to them, asking whether they can provide content. They took the initiative and set up a sales agency under the Wave Films umbrella in January 2021 to represent amazing film and TV content from talented filmmakers from around the world to outlets across the globe - and you can be one of them.