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UK Monthly Film Fest offers independent filmmakers the chance to show off their films and if selected receive recognition for that hard work within just a few weeks.


As previously stated due to Covid 19 restrictions our best of the best yearly viewing was restricted to judging only. We would like to announce our winners for this year 2019/20. Well done to the following - Electronic certificates are on their way.

Categories for the best of the best:

Best Director - Orange

Best Cinematography - Paul

Best Sreenplay/Script - Holy Duty

Best Sound - I Married my Mother

Best Edit - Antique

Directors most innovative film - This is Me

Best Film - The Rift

Runner Up Best Film - Orange


The UK Monthly Film Fest is a monthly film festival offering filmmakers from around the world the opportunity to showcase their work. Because each session opens around every 8 weeks filmmakers will be able to get feedback on their films quickly as to whether they have been officially selected or in fact if they are winners of one of the categories.

In addition to this selected entries and winners will be offered the chance to have their work displayed on our website for public viewing (subject to your consent) and this is provided free. We are filmmakers ourselves and we recognise the importance of getting feedback as soon as possible.

Winners will be announced on our website and social media pages. All monthly official selections and winners will also be listed on our website for a rolling 12 months.

Each Monthly session runs for around 8 weeks. Please check the session dates for details on film freeway.

Screenings are held annually in the UK at the Puppet Theatre Norwich, Norfolk England in July. The best of the monthly winners will be screened at this annual event.

Awards & Prizes

Best Super Short
Best Documentary
Best Student Film
Best Horror
Best Comedy
Best Film 30 minutes or less
Best Longer Film over 30 minutes
Best Animation

Electronic Winners Certificate for each winner upon request.
Overall winner for the month which is entered into the Best of the Best for the year